After Care Instructions & General Advice

Metal garden furniture, is of course designed for outdoor use, but a few simple steps can keep it looking and working better for longer and ultimately prolong its life. As the base metal for this furniture is steel it will discolour in time, the first few rust spots may occur quiet quickly but this is not a problem and only adds to the rustic charm. Obviously if you want your furniture to stay immaculate then apply clear lacquer, varnish or sealer immediately.

Paint Selection

To prolong the life of any metal garden furniture, we would recommend that a clear acrylic lacquer, varnish or metal sealer be applied. Aerosol spray format Plasti-Kote Metal Sealer, Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Matt are available online and available from most good DIY stores. The Hammerite range of exterior paint is also an extremely effective preserver. If you are unsure then a chat with your local DIY store would be a good starting point.

Moving parts

These will benefit from a little lubrication to keep things moving and allow folding garden furniture to continue to function properly. We recommend you use an oil, such as WD40 for this, ensuring you wipe off any excess.

Should I cover my metal garden furniture when itís raining?

The quick answer is no, as we've mentioned above, metal garden furniture can obviously be affected over time by rain, but it is much better to allow it to dry out naturally. Covering it with a plastic sheet will only trap moisture caused by condensation this will then remain on the furniture as long as the sheet is on and cause a lot more problems.

Should I bring my metal garden furniture in during the winter?

We would always recommend that if you can, then it is best to store your garden furniture when not in use. If you do decide to put it away, then the ideal storage conditions for metal garden furniture, is an airy and unheated garage or shed (somewhere to keep the rain off, but just as importantly to keep any condensation off).

Can I change the colour of my metal furniture?

Now that's the real advantage of metal garden furniture. If you get tired of the colour, or you simply want to revive it a little, you can paint it any colour you want. For ease of use, durability and superior finish, we recommend Smooth Hammerite. Although this comes in a limited colour palette, it can be mixed together to create your own shades. Alternatively, any paint which is suitable for an outdoor metal surface will do, applied either by brush or by aerosol.

How do I clean my metal garden furniture?

Use a mild detergent and hot water only to remove any grime accumulated over the season. Do not use anything abrasive, or any solvent solutions, as this may spoil the paint surface.

And finally, please try not to worry too much - rust spots will appear and paint may fade in time, but your garden furniture is made for you to enjoy. Allow your furniture to mellow and age gracefully and just get enjoyment from its use, for as long as you are together.